Product Recalls

It is Acklands-Grainger’s corporate policy to respond to product recalls, including those initiated by suppliers or government regulators, in a full and complete manner, ensuring that receipts, sales and deliveries of the product(s) are halted, that products in inventory are returned, that customers are notified and that the recalled product is disposed of in an appropriate manner.

A recall is defined as a stop sale, quarantine and return of product due to quality, health and safety or environmental issue or problem. There are three categories of recalls:

  • Category A Recalls – Recalls where there is a government or regulatory requirement, or that raise an environmental issue or a threat to life, health or safety.
  • Category B Recalls – Recalls where there is a product quality issue or defect that does not raise an issue listed under the definition of Category A Recalls, but that necessitates a product return, exchange, replacement or upgrade.
  • Category C Recalls – Safety notices or advisories where no product return, exchange, replacement or upgrade is required.

Formed in 2004, the Acklands-Grainger recall committee meets weekly to review product recalls status and processes. The committee is comprised of key members of various functional groups including Product Management, Logistics and Legal. When manufacturer recalls are required, a detailed process is followed to ensure that all recalls are implemented quickly and effectively.